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Best 10 Dishes at the Buffet in Manchi Baphe, Hyderabad

Is good food on your mind? If yes, you need to head to Manchi Baphe for some delicious goodies. The good news is they have a lovely buffet spread, so you can eat all you want at a pocket-friendly price and enjoy foods from around the world.

The menu of the buffet is well-balanced, with all kinds of salads, starters, desserts, and mains from India and the foreign world.

Here are the ten best picks from the unlimited Buffet Hyderabad. Take a quick look!

#1 Fish Tikka

If you like grilled food, you will love fish tikka. Boneless fish is marinated in Indian spices, curd, garlic, ginger, and some secret ingredients and then grilled to perfection. It is one of the healthiest dishes that go well with mint chutney.

#2 Carrot Halwa

One of the most famous Indian desserts is carrot halwa. The carrot is grated, then a pudding is made out of it using sugar, milk, all kinds of nuts, and clarified butter. It is a lip-smacking dish and is available in the buffet.

#3 Waffle

Nothing beats the good old waffle with ice cream. Manchi Baphe pours hot chocolate and nuts to finish off the garnishing. Kids enjoy this dessert!

#4 Chicken Biryani

Nothing beats the famous biryani.

Long-grain rice is layered above a flavorful chicken preparation and then garnished with fried onions, mint, coriander, and a secret spice. Manchi Baphe serves this with chutney and raita.

#5 Dal Makhani

Dal makhani is made of black lentils and kidney beans. But this is a special preparation because it is made with tomato, cream, butter, and some secret spices. Enjoy this with Indian bread at Manchi Baphe. This dish is very creamy and rich!

#6 Gobi Manchurian

Who says Indians can’t make exquisite Indo-Chinese dishes? Manchi Baphe’s gobi Manchurian is made of cauliflower, fried, and tossed with sauces.

The perfect dish deserves applause because this is one of the most delectable dishes served at the buffet.

#7 Lemon Butter Grilled Fish

If you are craving a soft, healthy, and delicious fish preparation, consider enjoying the lemon butter grilled fish. It will melt in your mouth, and you will get a hint of butter and lemon.

#8 Rasmalai

Soft cottage cheese dumplings are dumped in a milk-based thick preparation. It is a famous sweet dish that Manchi Baphe makes. The dish isn’t too sweet so that anyone can enjoy it!

#9 Chilli Paneer

Another dish to enjoy in a buffet setting in the famous Manchi Baphe is chili paneer. Cottage cheese is fried and tossed in bell paper, shallots, chili, and sauces. It is a wonderful starter for vegetarians.  

#10 Banana Cake

Don’t miss out on the moist, sweet, and delectable banana cake at the Manchi Baphe. It is a delicacy at the restaurant, and most travelers and guests enjoy this dish as it is. Yes, it is also a part of the buffet, so you can enjoy the delicacy.

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