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The only thing we’re serious about is food.

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South India’s largest multi cuisine buffet restaurant. Modern and fun yet rooted in the traditions that are spread across the width and the breadth of this country, with all its culture and histories. MB does not just provide authentic desi cuisines but also specializes in high standard, healthy, mouth-watering food from all around the world. You are guaranteed a buffet experience like never before. 

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Best Buffet Restaurant in Hyderabad

At Manchi Baphe, we are passionate about offering our guests an authentic and delicious dining experience. As one of the new buffet restaurants in Hyderabad, we pride ourselves on our ability to blend traditional and contemporary flavours to create a truly enrapturing taste.

If you are looking for nice restaurants in Hyderabad, we are the perfect place to indulge in a romantic dinner, family gathering, or corporate event.

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Our Food

Enrapturing the delicious and traditional authentic taste with real flavours making you dwell in the pool of panoramic pleasure.

Our Story

Mr Anil Kumar Pamarthi, the founder of Manchi Baphe has always believed in the idea of bringing the entire family together at the dinner table and it is that feeling of comfort and fulfillment which he is attempting to recreate at “Manchi Baphe”. Manchi is not just a project for him but an execution of the vital moral values of connecting people through food.

Spread over 12000 sq ft area with a seating capacity of over 200 pax, Manchi baphe offers something to engage everyone.